10 Best Ways to Maintain the Shine of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Imagine a situation when you are getting ready to attend a party, but you find your jewelry tarnish. What will you do? You may not even think of the critical situation that can be happened at any time.

Let us discuss the methods you must follow to save your sterling silver jewelry from getting tarnished. Before going into further details, I will give a brief account f why people use silver jewelry and how it gets tarnished. The maintenance and remedies will be touched afterward.

Silver is a precious metal just like gold. It reflects a great amount of light, and its demand is now increasing day by day. If only has one problem that is tarnished.

Silver cannot be used in its purest form, so it is alloyed with some other metal mostly copper. It is 92.5% pure combined with other metal to make it more durable.

With the passage of time, silver changes its color and becomes an unsightly yellow which makes very difficult for the person to keep it wear. Do you wonder how the color changes?

The color changes of silver are called tarnish. It occurs when silver reacts with the hydrogen sulfide and Sulphur dioxide present in the air. The speed at which your silver changes its color, it depends on several things like, the chemical you are exposed to, pH level of your skin, the level of humidity present in your area of living, how you are storing your silver and what are you eating.

Copper is the most common alloy of sterling silver jewelry, and it causes tarnish. Now, I will provide you the list of some substances you need to avoid contact with your silver with.

Things you should avoid to come in contact with silver

Following are the several things you need to avoid while wearing silver to let the tarnish go away.

  • Body lotions, hair sprays, perfumes, sunscreens, and oils.
  • Sweating (don’t wear it while you are exercising).
  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Some paints.
  • Hair dyes.
  • Chlorinated water (try not to wear it while swimming).
  • Detergents containing phosphates.
  • Food like onion, egg yolk, olives, mustard, salt, and vinegar.
  • Nail polish remover that contains acetone, turpentine, alcohol, bleach, and ammonia will total breakdown your silver.

These are the very briefly described things to avoid contact while wearing silver. Now the detailed account of 10 best ways of how you can maintain the shine of your silver and increase its life expectancy.

10 best ways to increase the life expectancy of your silver by keeping it well maintained.

The purity of metal will determine how quickly it will get tarnished. The two most common used sterling silvers are .950 and .925. .950 silver sterling will bend easily, and it will get tarnish more quickly. While .925 take more time to get tarnish. So, because of .950 increased purity, some precautions are needed to be followed to take care of your silver to keep it will well maintain.

Wear it often

It is good for silver sterling to keep it wear very often. When you wear the silver, it will get fewer chances to get tarnish. Your body oils will act as a cleaner, and it keeps it looking shiny.

Avoid exposure to chemicals

Remove your silver jewelry when you are doing your household chores to avoid contact with chemicals, sweating, rubber, salt, and vinegar. Any substance which contains Sulphur will cause tarnish, and the shine will fade. Take off your silver jewelry when are going for sunbathing, swimming or any direct exposure to the sun because direct sunlight also causes silver to tarnish.  Beauty products, hair products, and cosmetics will accelerate the process of tarnishing.

How you are storing your silver jewelry

Silver jewelry must be stored in airtight bags with anti-tarnish strips in it. Open air will help the silver to start tarnishing. Make sure not to over the crowd the jewelry in the same bag; you can use multiple bags to store it because silver is a soft metal and it is easily scratched. If you are not using the plastic bags for storage purposes, try to store in a place with very low humidity to avoid tarnish.

Clean with ionic cleaner

This method used electrolysis combined with a cleaning solution. Don’t worry; it does not use ultrasonic sound waves, ammonia or other harsh chemicals.

Polishing is very important

You can use a special cloth to polish your sterling silver jewelry if it is not highly scratched or tarnished. While polishing, use long back and forth moment that will shines the grain of silver. Do not rub in a circular motion and avoid using paper towels and tissues. Be careful with silver plated items, as the excessive polishing will remove the plating.

Professional care

When your silver items are highly tarnished and scratched. Take them to a professional silver cleaner. Very valuable, old and tarnished items can be cleaned.

Commercial silver cleaners

Commercial silver cleaners are easy to find and use, but it also has some drawbacks. If it is not used with proper concerns, it will damage your silver. These cleaners will give a temporary shine to your silver item, but it will start tarnishing again and more early. The vapors of silver polish can cause damage and can prove fatal it if it is inhaled in a unventilated room.

Homemade silver cleaners

You can make your own economically and environmentally friendly silver cleaner from your kitchen products. Try some of these recipes to clean your sterling silver jewelry.

  • Warm water with ammonia and phosphate free dishwashing soap.
  • Use baking soda and water.
  • Try olive oil and lemon juice.
  • White vinegar mix with baking soda.
  • Use baking soda, salt, aluminum foil and boiling water

Always prefer a professional

Be careful with very fragile and highly tarnished silver items. Ask for professional help to clean it.

Long lasting happiness

Well cared silver jewelry will give you an internal peace of happiness, and it will last longer. Don’t forget to give jewelry a fresh start today.

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